Welcome to XSS Wars!


* The game will consist of a series of rounds, where each round is: an 8 minute construction phase, a 2 minute finalization phase, and a 10 minute exploitation phase.

* During the construction phase, you are to develop new mitigations.

* During the finalization phase, ensure that you have a working exploit for your function. By the end of this time, you must submit your function in the slack channel and your exploit (for your function) in a DM to me.

* During the exploitation phase, you must exploit other teams and DM exploits to me.

* No cryptography or external authentication is allowed.

Here are some starter safeExec functions: simpleexec.js and maskexec.js

Paste a function into the box below that acts as the safeExec function.

Paste some code into the box below that exploits the safeExec function.